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Start enjoying your cycling with people who are as passionate as you are.

Weekend Training

Weekend training rides depart from RandMark Club

Rides depart at various times depending on the season. The departure time, route and distance is communicated during the week to members


For non-members joining the training rides, the following will apply:

–  All visitors will obey the Ride Captain or will be asked to leave
–  Visitors will sit in the back of the bunch as observers
–  Visitors will NOT set the pace (unless asked to do so)
–  Visitors may take part in the different exercises
–  All visitors can accompany us on 3 rides only – thereafter he/she must make the choice of joining or leaving
–  All visitors must be introduced to the rest of the club in the morning before setting out on the training ride (if brought by a club member)
–  Visitors must obey all club rules and regulations, i.e. stopping at all red robots, riding 2 abreast, riding single file when asked to, etc